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Transitional Kindergarten

Our Transitional Kindergarten program (also known as TK) is designed for children who just miss the state’s age cut-off or are not quite ready for Kindergarten, even though their birthdays are within the state guidelines to attend. These children are ready for more than preschool, but not yet ready for the pressure of traditional kindergarten.  This program is not intended to be a repeat of a 4 year old preschool year, but serves as a bridge for children needing additional time to learn more about friendships, assert independence and examine the world around them.

This is not a Kindergarten class. Children will enter traditional kindergarten the following year.

The Transitional Kindergarten program has a comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs of the 5 year old child at a pace that has been adapted to best suit their abilities.  As children acquire skills, they advance at their own individual pace to the next level.