Our Mission Statement

First United Methodist Church Preschool promotes a happy and loving environment where children are given the opportunity to explore God’s world in a safe and age appropriate manner.  We believe each child is wonderfully made in the image of God. We seek to guide our children in wisdom and stature and teach  them the love of Jesus Christ. First United Methodist Church Preschool is a church sponsored Christian mission program that does acknowledge and respect the different religions and cultures represented in the program and the community. 


Our Objective

First United Methodist Preschool will provide a happy environment for your child, in which learning is based on clear goals of self-development, resulting in fruitful activities and fun. This environment allows each child the freedom to progress at their own rate.  It is our hope and prayer that this informal learning experience fosters positive self-esteem, personal responsibility, creativity, and a love for learning that serves as the foundation for future academic success.

Our “pre” – school program is designed to promote kindergarten readiness.  Readiness is not necessarily reading, writing, adding, and subtracting for the preschooler.  Instead, it is interacting with others and engaging in planned activities through play that will enable them to perform these skills successfully later.  Therefore, throughout our entire program you will see “work” disguised as play.