Sunday Mornings at FUMC

Christian Love Class– The longest running class at FUMC. Everyone truly supports each other in “Christian Love”, in a small class where anyone is welcome to join. They meet at 10:00 am in the Christian Love Classroom on the second floor.

Holt-McGlohon Class- This Sunday school class loves to discuss a wide variety of topics including God’s love for us, prayer, developing a closer relationship with God, and Bible study. They meet in they Holt/McGlohon classroom on the second floor.

Agape Class- The Agape class meets on the third floor behind the sanctuary. They study a wide variety of topics relating to our spiritual journey as we navigate through day to day life.

All classes are open and welcome new members!

 Sunday Nights at FUMC

5:00- 6:30 pm – Discover who we are as a church. This is a class designed for new and potential members here at First UMC, but all are welcome to join. Join Pastor Caitlin as we discuss what we believe, what it means to be Methodist, and what opportunities we have to get connected here. This 4 week class begins September 17th.

 Monday Nights at FUMC

7:00 pm – Pastor Lynda will be teaching a bible study “Christian Believer” every Monday night in the Asbury center starting this fall. The Christian Believer program focuses on classical teachings of the Christian faith—presenting, explaining, and interpreting them in a way that participants can understand, through the use of words, symbols, and hymns. Over a 30-week period, participants will examine the writings of ancient and modern Christian commentators and view video presentations by leading Bible scholars.

 Wednesday Nights at FUMC

5:00 pm – We gather for a homecooked meal shared between church members and members of the community. The meal is provided to all, but we ask for a donation from those who want to support this ministry.

6:00 pm – Various activities are offered, for all ages. Children and First Youth meet, while  bible studies are offered. Pastor Caitlin will lead a study of Michael Slaughter’s “Dare to Dream”.

7:15 pm – Chancel Choir and Worship Team rehearsal. Child care is provided.

Dare to Dream will be offered on Wednesday evenings starting on Wednesday, Sept. 6th from 67 pm in the Christian Love Classroom. Dare to Dream is a startling and inspiring study by popular author and pastor Mike Slaughter that draws on the Bible and a lifetime of ministry to help us discern Gods dream for us and learn to live it out, prayerfully and enthusiastically.

 Small Groups at FUMC



Pastor Nina is helping to grow small groups, groups that meet together for activities and study, to grow closer and to grow closer to God. Contact her if you are interested in joining or leading a small group today! You can sign up to be part of a small group online by clicking the link here.